Since 2019, several of our member brands including Breitling, Ba&sh, and Satoshi Studio have gone live with uses of the Arianee digital passport. …

I am using expo sdk and Linux to develop mobile app. I don’t have a mac, but I published on PlayStore and on Apple Store. You may adapt the following code to your needs but the following should be working for any kind of project .

I give you my…

You use GoogleMap in a Typescript Angular App and you’d like to display marker cluster.

The wrong way:

Add script in your index.html (or angular-cli.json)

<script src="">

And use it in your component like this :

declare var MarkerClusterer: any;

Why is it wrong ? Because you will load this .js file even if you don’t need it. You don’t leverage lazy loading.

The right way:

In your console

npm i @google/markerclusterer -S

And in your component, in the method where you handle markers and clusters, just use it as it is : a class. Instanciate it.

import * as MarkerClusterer from "@google/markerclusterer"new MarkerClusterer(map, opt_markers, opt_options)

Stephane Delecroix

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